Anime is real at Frosty Faustings 2019

Other takeaways from Guilty Gear at FF:

  • MarlinPie’s switch to I-No is looking real strong and I’m excited to see him back in the game. Based on his matches against Bears and Teresa I’m guessing he’s still rounding out his matchup experience but I don’t think he’ll need much time to catch up. (I will miss his Zato-1, but I understand.)
  • The Midwest FGC were lovely hosts this weekend, but they didn’t get anyone into their GG top 8. T_T East Coast, Canada, and West Coast all represented hard, hope America’s Home of Guilty Gear will come back and remind us who kept the spark alive while the Capcom FGC was crying about the “dark ages”.
  • Beware running into MechaMacgyver’s Answer in pools, because you probably don’t know the matchup. Free tip: Don’t blitz against a 3S player.
  • Shoutouts to Kizzie and Bears + Daymendou for bringing both GG singles and teams back to the West Coast! It’s the best coast (that’s why rent is so high here).
  • Best set IMO goes to Kizzie Kay vs. Teresa in Winners Finals. Amazing adaptation and lots of clutch play under pressure.
Photo credit: hecksmaniac

Most Anime Moments of Frosty Faustings 2019:

Best Winpose: Vevion fulfilling his lifelong dream of dabbing on the main stage after Havoc Noah dashes through the post-match handshake. Remember, everyone: If you don’t shake hands, you deserve whatever dragging you get.

Photo credit: hecksmaniac
Photo credit: hecksmaniac

My FF 2019 tournament run

For those of you who have only seen these tournaments from the Twitch Chat seats, I figured I’d write up my FF experience so you can see what you’re missing out on.

Photo credit: hecksmaniac



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