Building confidence through fighting games

“Build your self-confidence!”

  • Your main goal in a fight is to escape unharmed. Winning a fight but getting hurt is still losing.
  • It takes a while before your training can overcome physical strength disparities against an untrained opponent. You will need even more training, and a shit ton of luck, to overcome an attacker with a weapon.
  • Even if an untrained and unarmed opponent is unlikely to win the fight, they can still do plenty of damage.
  • Your best option is usually to run.

Get used to being bad at stuff you want to get good at

(We talked a little bit about this on stream a while back and ended up watching this skateboarding video series called My War, which is pretty great for showing all the failures that lead to one successful video clip.)

Losing is good for you

Dude looks like he comes straight out of a comic book.

Talking to strangers

Sanchez hates it when people do laundry.

Competitive play and pushing yourself

Fun fact: Bruce Lee had his armpit sweat glands removed for reasons unknown.

Fuck that shit.

Being good (but not, like, that good) at stuff

Pictured: Future international martial arts movie star Jackie Chan playing one of a dozen rando security guards getting bodied by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

Managing your emotions, and others’

Fighting is all about emotional content.

Serving others through new skills

Without Ip Man, we wouldn’t have had Bruce Lee.



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