Criticism is easy, teaching is hard

Why does this sound so familiar?
  • Recognize the situation you’re talking about: I know when this button is a good idea.
  • Identify what decision they usually make in that situation: In that situation, I usually choose to do this other thing instead, but I should press this button.
  • Change their hand position in preparation for that button: I will keep this finger ready to press this button in this situation.
  • Prepare themselves for the new situations that happen when you use this button and it succeeds/fails: On hit, I’m ready to follow up the button with other stuff; on block and whiff, I’m ready for what happens next; if my button gets stuffed, I’m ready to defend the follow-up attacks.
  • Change the follow-up behaviors: After I press this button, I have other practiced behaviors on deck for all the outcomes of that button press.
  • Does this player keep track of how often they wakeup DP? Try counting them out loud, if they’re not keeping track they’ll probably have a pretty strong reaction. (Bonus points for your best Count von Count impression.)
  • Is this player wakeup DPing because they think it’s an intelligent decision, or because they have a strong emotional need to wakeup DP? If a player isn’t thinking about the situation that led to the knockdown, they may not be taking in enough information to make informed DP decisions, which means their problem might be their DP predictability, not the frequency.
  • What are the player’s other comfortable wakeup options? If the player isn’t comfortable blocking mixups or dealing with throw setups, then having them DP less means they’re going to be in other uncomfortable situations more often — which is good for them, but means they’ll need to work on those things before they’ll feel the benefit of DPing less.
I’ll let you walk through this one yourself.
The Mind of a Chipp Player, by Irene Koh




Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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