Dear Mr. President: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

You must be going through a hard time right now. You won the election, and now you’re the President of the United States of America. You are the most powerful man in the world. But you’re not getting the respect you deserve. People aren’t listening to you or looking at you the way you want them to, and no matter what you try to do, it doesn’t seem to change.

I have some bad news for you about why this is happening: You’re being lied to.

Millions of people voted for you because they trust you to Make America Great Again.

You ran for President so you could show the world that you are great, that you tower over common folk, just like the buildings with your name on it. And as President, you will show the world just how great you are.

But you can’t do it alone. So you’ve surrounded yourself with people who believe in your greatness and share your purpose to get the job done.

I’m sure you know how to act like you like someone long enough to make a deal with them. You’ve probably used that tactic before to pull one over a sucker. It costs you nothing, and it gets you what you want.

The problem is that right now, you are that sucker. Not to me, or even to the American people. You’re surrounded by people who are pretending to like you, and listen to you, because they know you can give them what they want.

What they want is money, and they’re willing to borrow on your name to do it. After all, your name that’s being signed on to all these bills, not the names of your advisors or cabinet members.

The people you trust are telling you that global warming is anti-business propaganda because eliminating those regulations will get them billions of dollars. When future Americans ask themselves why we weren’t the ones to invent the technology that powers the future, or why our country no longer looks as beautiful as it did in old pictures, the answer will be “Trump.”

The people you trust are telling you that immigration is a threat to the American way of life, even though this country was founded as a nation of immigrants. When future Americans ask why we no longer attract the best and brightest from across the world to make this country even greater, the answer will be “Trump.”

The people you trust are telling you that you are respecting the sanctity of life by making it harder for women to get access to birth control and abortions. When future Americans — and non-Americans — ask who is responsible for their inability to get the medical care they need, the answer will be “Trump.”

It’s the same name they’ll see on those big, big buildings.

You’re the sucker, Mr. President. You’re being taken for a ride. Your name will go down in history, but you won’t be America’s greatest President.

You’ll be America’s greatest mistake.

The people around you do not respect you. They don’t even like you. But you’re the President, so they’ll pretend like they respect you and like you while they screw you. While they devalue your name and talk shit about you behind your back to reporters.

In your book The Art of the Deal, you said this:

“I fight when I feel I’m getting screwed, even if it’s costly and difficult and highly risky.”

Well, right now you’re getting screwed by the people around you. They don’t think you can fight. They’re taking advantage of you, and they’re taking advantage of America.

Fortunately, you already know what to say to them: “You’re fired!”

You are a leader, and your people want to see you stand up and fight, even though it’s costly and difficult and highly risky.

You need to fight the people around you, and trust the people who fought against you. I know it’s hard. (Trust me. I voted for Hillary, and here I am, writing this letter.)

But remember: Your Presidency is your chance to make the world remember your name forever. But being President doesn’t mean your name will be respected. Respect is earned by a President, not a perk of the office.

We don’t respect Barack Obama because he was President. We elected him because we respected him. And I’m sure you think you can do better.

So think about how you want America to remember your name. Because I guarantee you that the people around you don’t care about that, and they’re going to be cashing checks on the Trump name long after your Presidency is over.

Personally, I don’t care about how people remember your name. I just want to make sure that the country I love has a future. And if that future is better and brighter because President Trump fired the liars and cowards around him and brought in America’s best to turn things around, I’ll take that as a win. You get what you want, and I get what I want.

Do we have a deal?


A Concerned Citizen

This letter is published under a Creative Commons Copyright Waiver license. Feel free to republish it with no restrictions, though attribution is appreciated.

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