• Brendan Keogh

    Brendan Keogh

    Videogame critic/academic. Media & Comms PhD student at RMIT. Freelance writer for Edge, Hyper, Unwinnable, Ars Technica, & many others. Chronic mistyper.

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    Freelance Writer for @techhive @techradar @PasteMagazine @inhabitat @motherboard.

  • Anthony DeLuca

    Anthony DeLuca

  • Dustin Haynes

    Dustin Haynes

  • Ferdinand Villar Hernandez

    Ferdinand Villar Hernandez

  • Ted DiNola

    Ted DiNola

    Game developer and programmer/designer. My opinions are mine, and mine alone, and do not reflect those of any company/goverment/cult I associate myself with.

  • ⛓ Roxanne Drag'o ⛓

    ⛓ Roxanne Drag'o ⛓

    rhetorician dabbling in cultural iterations, cyborg witch extraordinaire, feminist killjoy, critical theorist, aspiring game dev

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