Grown Adult Anti-Salt Tech

Salt makes it harder to play

  1. In-game, you’ll make worse decisions when you’re salty, which smart players will use to their advantage
  2. Long-term, salt will weaken your mental well-being, meaning you’re either going to stop playing fighting games because you’re not having fun, or you’re going to keep playing them and make yourself even more miserable
  3. If you’re too salty in a social environment most people will not want to talk to you, hang out with you, or play with you until you get over it, so you’re gonna have to deal with that shit

Get stronger by sorting your salt

Distract yourself immediately after losing

Give your opponent some credit

Increase the stakes

Netplay just doesn’t fucking matter

It’s okay to feel salty




Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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