How do I use Training Mode?

What Training Mode is good for

A truly timeless situation that you will see quite frequently in ST.
Beware: No amount of labbing can prepare you for this fucking move.

How to figure out what to lab

Pictured: The thing that killed me most recently.

“But how can I lab against another character’s stuff if I don’t know how to play that character?”

It’s like an all-you-can-lab buffet.
Shoutouts to Espada for the sweet highlight!

“But why am I even doing this when someone else could find a better way?”

“…Making efficient gains doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a better time. These are games, after all!”

Highway Milkshake is inefficient, suboptimal, and valid as fuck.

Sometimes your style will involve “practicing to do the thing until you’re good at it”, and sometimes your style will involve “finding ways to avoid doing the thing you can’t [or don’t want to] do”.

  • Lab what you lose to
  • Learn how to play other characters
  • Use the Record and Playback functions to recreate strings, setups, or neutral situations you want to solve on your own
  • Use the Random Playback function to test your ability to react to branching situations and find solutions that cover multiple situations
  • Use matchup footage from to research situations you want to see how others have solved
  • Ask more experienced players for help
  • Ask your friends to help you practice
  • Grab the Rev2 Wakeup Tool to practice your setups against wakeup DP/throw/mash etc.



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