Mailbag: Coming back, keeping consistent, and getting discouraged

Every couple years I decide that this is going to be the year I get into fighting games. I make a New Year’s resolution to play every day or hit Platinum or whatever, and then I last a couple weeks to a month before dropping it. What can I do to stay on track?

What’s a good mindset to have when getting back into a community when you disconnect from people for a while? Also, what would be a good mindset for getting back into fighting games?

  1. You might not be able to do all the things you could do before, but don’t worry, your hands will remember how to do them much more quickly this time around.
  2. Anyone who stuck around and kept playing while you were out has probably gotten a lot better! Don’t waste energy having any expectations of how strong you are relative to the rest of the crew. Just take your time and be okay with losing a bunch at first while you get used to everyone’s new power levels.

I’ve been playing fighting games for a couple years now, and when I see high-level players do really well with my character, I feel bad that I don’t win as much as they do. Do you ever get discouraged when seeing stronger players do better with your character than you do?



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