Overcoming the ego

Fighting games are annoying af

First off: Fighting games are basically PvP irritation contests. Real-time action games are generally about getting into a pleasant flow state where the buttons you press lead to good outcomes, which let you press more buttons, which lead to even better outcomes. In a fighting game, two players are basically competing over the ability to access this state — you get the hit in neutral, which gets you the combo into the knockdown, which gets you the setup, which gets you the next combo. But if you go for the hit in neutral and get stuffed, your brain has to adjust to the rude realization that you don’t get to press all those other fun buttons because your opponent interrupted you.

This button WILL stop your flow.

Fighting games are communicative af

Next, let’s look at some of your more revealing word choices:

Then again, some men just want to watch the world burn.
pattheflip’s greatest hits.

Taking steps to curb your ego

Let’s take another look at your words, both from this email and the last one:

When Johnny loses, he yells “bad knees today” which is definitely an OS I will borrow.



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