Overcoming tournament nerves

Hi Pat,

I’ve been playing fighting games for a little while now, and I’ve been feeling pretty good about my progress. Recently I decided to try entering tournaments (netplay, of course, we’re still quarantined), and I felt really freaked out by the pressure of playing on stream. I dropped a bunch of my combos and just kinda panicked a lot. Is it like this for everyone? What should I do?


Under Pressure

Tournaments are different from normal play

Pictured: The first time you see Chipp vs. Slayer in Danger Time.

Preparing for tournament stress outside of tournaments

Doing my chores will definitely help with your tournament stress.
  1. Unfamiliar opponents
  2. Everyone is playing to win
  3. You’re performing for an audience

Stop mixing yourself

Daniel-san pulling out some YOLO shit in grand finals def wasn’t the smart play tbh.



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