The Reinhardt Problem

From “All the Overwatch heroes as lukewarm bowls of water” by Lukidjano

Reinhardt is a Rad Character

“Do we have a Reinhardt?”

Friction in character choice negatively affects the player experience

  • I am playing Pharah, Soldier 76, or Zenyatta
  • My team is winning, or at least showing up competitively
  • My team is behaving neutral/friendly to each other (more likely if everyone is playing the character who they want to play!)
  • Who do I feel like playing in this match? (Personal preference/mode of engagement)
  • Which roles/characters would provide the most power to the team? (Team comp/meta/map knowledge)
  • Which characters am I most comfortable/competent playing? (Character pool)

Fixing The Reinhardt Problem




Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Game Designer. Learn to play Street Fighter:

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