The truth and beauty of “git gud”

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The misconception

People on the outside of FGs think that ‘git gud’ means ‘You don’t matter in this community unless you’re good’, but its meaning within the community basically translates to:

  • No one is really going to pay attention to you unless you’re good
  • People who aren’t good at games don’t belong here (most of us aren’t good at most games, 25% of every tournament goes 0–2)

The real meaning of “git gud”

“Git gud” is something you say to your homie when they’re complaining about getting hit by the same mixup for the tenth time in a session because it’s shorter than saying, “Look, I spent the time figuring this thing out, now it’s your turn.”

“Git gud” is some Grown Adult Shit

“But why should we care so much about being good at a silly videogame?” the downers say, in the same voice they would use to ridicule athletic sports, speedruns, or any other contest of skill. And the answer is: because real life is just a bunch of games.

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