We ran a Guilty Gear beginner bracket, and it was hella fun

In full swing.

How it happened

We have a couple recurring monthly events in the Bay Area, and Clark and Andrew organize one called Caliburst. Despite the name, Caliburst hadn’t been running Guilty Gear for a while, and I had been hoping to bring it back. However, it didn’t make sense to just add another GG tournament to the local roster when we already had it at two WNFOaklands and one Norcal Dogfight in any given month; for the past year or so, GG at Caliburst was just a smaller subset of the people who would show up for GG at NCD anyway.

Shoutouts to Boonool for winning it all, and Kevatog for getting a strong second.

TO tech for beginners

There are a couple things I’d recommend doing differently for new player tournaments, in case you want to run your own.

Grand prize. Clark says it’s because when you win your first tournament, you unlock the Sixth Sense.
18 large pizzas and a 40 hot wings. When you order 40 hot wings they just put them in a pizza box.

How beginner is beginner?

Casuals were lit.

Get your active players involved

Even though the tournament is meant for beginners, it’s a good idea to get experienced players out there for casuals and coaching. We had quite a few local active GG players come out to support, and for them it was a nice opportunity to hang out and have fun without feeling any tension or stress about playing competitive matches.



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