What “beginner” means in Guilty Gear

Irene graduated!!!

How we do Caliburst Guilty Gear

I wrote up the basic recipe for our Beginner Bracket (supportive community, free entry, pizza) last year, but it has grown up a bit since then.

How to make it out of the Caliburst Beginner Bracket

Becoming an effective, resilient Guilty Gear competitor requires both a strong command of core gameplay (offense, neutral, defense) and strong command of your decision-making skills (stamina, adaptation, resource management), so our framework tries to take into account a holistic understanding of a player’s skill instead of focusing solely on competitive results. In other words, we’re not just looking at how many wins you stack up, we’re also looking at how you win (or don’t).


  • Can you apply constant pressure until the opponent demonstrates they’re capable of pushing back? (Are you getting in that ass?)
  • Do you have basic combos and mixups? Are you using throws and high/lows to open people up? Are you intentionally going for air throws? Do you use your meter to continue pressure, extend combos, and create unfair situations in neutral?


  • Are you able to recognize basic attack strings and block with reasonable success?
  • Are you willing to challenge pressure strings in response to an opponent getting greedy with turn-stealing?
  • Can you use your other defensive options effectively? How much do you use FD, IB, Blitz, burst, backdash, and your character-specific defensive options?


  • Are you making movement decisions based on what you see your opponent doing? (“How do I look at the screen?”)
  • Are you comfortable with moving forward and backward in response to your opponent’s movement?
  • Do you feint movement to draw out a response from your opponent?


  • Can you maintain effective physical and mental play for the entirety of a ~20-person double elimination tournament bracket?
  • If you make it to the best-of-five rounds (Winners/Losers/Grand Finals), can you sustain effective play in those longer sets?


  • How often do you get hit by the same things? How long does it take you to recognize a pattern in your opponent’s behavior and pull out an answer?
  • Do you take time in-between matches to collect yourself and process a plan?
  • Do your runbacks look different? How often do you lose to the same people?

Resource management

  • How often do you find yourself ending rounds (win or loss) with meter remaining?
  • Do you use meter to close out rounds? (Finish your plate!!!)
  • Do you burst at the end of a round you are likely to lose instead of saving it for the next one? (AKA the Caliburst)



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