Why complicated fighting games are weirdly good for beginners

Fighting games are collections of tests

The first explicit test in a fighting game.

Simplifying = more reads

That Grim Reaper was totally calculated.

Winning is fun but getting good is better

So now let’s answer the question: Why do the newbies have a better time with GG? Well, it starts by setting expectations. Veteran Guilty Gear players are fairly upfront about how difficult it is and how much there is to learn, and how long it’ll take before they can even win a match, because they’ve had to put that work in themselves. But they’ll also generally be happy to share their knowledge with the newer player, because they know that they need new folks coming in to keep the scene alive, and that new Guilty Gear players must be cherished and protected and encouraged. (Plus, in all likelihood, that veteran GG player started out as a newbie who learned how to play because another veteran taught them.)

Ryu been letting us know what’s up since day one.



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